Blinds give elegance to your window, effectively regulating the incidence of light and the temperature in the environment, giving a touch of personal elegance to modern environments. The various widths of the slats make it possible to adapt the blind to the size of the window.



The pleated blinds guarantee good darkening during the day thanks to the thermo-cut pleated fabric.


The adjustable blinds, thanks to their structure, allow you to regulate the light that enters the environment.


The blackout type is the best solution to darken your rooms, the aluminum film blocks 100% the incoming light.

Possible installations

Inside the window

Outside the window

Motorized solutions


Glass contact

In the motorized solutions with glass contact, the remote control interacts with the blind through the electrical support provided in the window.


Electric contact

In motorized solutions with electrical contact, the remote control interacts with the blind through electric cables, which are external to the window.


Remote controlled system

In the motorized solutions with remote control, each Venetian blind in the house has its own frequency channel, which can be controlled using the appropriate remote controls.